Trays and Domes

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Tear Bottle Trays

We offer a line of original trays to accompany our tear bottle lines. Metal trays (2” in diameter) are available in antique Brass, Copper, Pewter, Gold, and Silver. You may select a filigree and/or a solid rim, both of which match the filigree design of flowers and leaves featured in our Victorian tear bottle design.

The solid-rim metal trays create a beautiful look with the Roma tear bottles too! The Brass and Copper Trays are available in the filigree rim style only. Gold, Silver and Pewter Trays are available in both solid and filigree rims.

Tear Bottle Glass Domes

Our Glass Dome display is a perfect way to showcase your tiny but precious tear bottle. (All of our tear bottles are approximately 2" high). It keeps the tear bottles safe and dust free.

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