​Write a Proper Condolence Letter

29th Mar 2021

When someone you know experiences a loss through death, it is often hard to know how you can be of service to that person. It can be a very awkward experience because you want to be there for the person, but are unsure how. Many have found that writing a simple condolence letter can be quite effective and it is usually the best way to uplift someone and assist him or her. Many people are not sure how to properly write a condolence letter. In this article, we will be reviewing some basic measures that you can take to ensure that your letter contains what is best for the person during their time of loss.

Before you write the letter, be aware that this is a great way to express your honest feelings regarding the loss, but it is more beneficial for the person to see you and be able to talk to you. You should not avoid a person because you are unsure of the right things to say or do. Sometimes, simply being present and allowing the person to talk can be very good for them.

The first thing that you can to express your feelings regarding the loss is to buy a simple condolence card. It does not even have to say that much in it. It will simply give you a place to start with your letter of condolence. From the card, you can write a letter on the inside, or you can include a letter in the card. This is up to you. Most prefer to include a handwritten letter. This will ensure that you have plenty of room to be open with your feelings and say all that you wish to say - with no space confines.

When you start expressing your feelings in the letter, you will want to start by expressing the sorrow that you feel that they have experienced the loss in their life. You should avoid offering too many details regarding the specific death and how it occurred. This can make a person feel even worse. The proper way to write a condolence letter is to simply state that you are sorrowful for their loss that they have experienced.

If you knew the person that passed away, you may want to share some nice experiences that you had of the person, or maybe even some traits that were enjoyable of the deceased. These things may often bring a smile to the person reading the letter of condolence and may life their spirits. If you were not familiar with the person that passed away, you may include the fact that you would have enjoyed getting to know them or that you have heard wonderful things about them.

In a proper letter of condolence, you should avoid saying that the person is better off and things of that nature. People truly do not appreciate comments like this when they have experienced a personal loss. While these words may seem as if they would soothe, they simply do not and people may even build up resentment towards people who say these types of things. When you write a proper letter of condolence, do not include any of the old sayings that resemble this one.

Once you have compiled the proper letter of condolence, you will want to conclude it with the fact that you are available for the person and include your contact information. Even if the person has your information, it is always tactful to provide this information. Many people have so much on their mind at these times that they may often forget small details like a phone number and such. There are many things that you can to assist the person that is grieving apart from a proper condolence. You can assist them in chores, shopping, and listening. Additionally, you may include a small gift with your letter of an item that cherishes the memory of the lost loved one. Examples include a photo necklace, a tear bottle necklace, and other items that may be found at: