​The Symbolic and the Spiritual Meaning Associated with Butterflies

29th Mar 2021

Coming in direct contact with a butterfly in the wild is a beautiful and memorable experience. The presence of these creatures seems to carry a sense of mystique and magic. Adorned in stunning colors and eye-catching patterns, these graceful creatures live a life that is highly reflective and associated with the spiritual. In fact, many often wonder if butterflies are angels, spiritual messengers, or the souls of loved ones that have passed from the physical life to the spiritual life. In fact, there are many that hold to the view that these magical creatures possess a solid spiritual lesson and a high level of spiritual insight for each of us. In this brief guide, we will expound on the symbolic and the spiritual meaning associated with butterflies.

The Life of the Butterfly

The butterfly starts its life by emerging from an egg. In the beginning stages of its life, it is a caterpillar. Immediately thereafter, the creature nestles itself into a chrysalis – and, this is where the magic truly begins. A transformation occurs. The creature transitions from a standard insect that lacks appeal to a beautifully-colored winged creature that seems to dance and glide on the edges of the wind. We are taught – through the transformation of the butterfly – that we, too, can engage in a transformation.

The total life of the butterfly lasts for as little as a few weeks to as long as a few months. This educates us on the fact that life is short – regardless of the beauty that we possess within us and outside of us. The butterfly reminds us that, though we retreat from the physical life, we will emerge from the cocoon of death a new and completely transformed creature. We may even have vibrant, beautifully-colored wings that we may use to fly!

If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you are about to lose someone that you love or you have already lost that person. Perhaps, you have had a close encounter with a butterfly and were curious as to whether or not it was the soul of a lost loved one. Chances are, it probably was. If you want to remember the deceased, do it with a butterfly! Today, there are many types of memorial jewelry, cremation pendants, urns, and other items that reflect an image of a butterfly. For a beautifully-crafted butterfly cremation necklace, click on the image below