​Simple Strategies for Creating a Meaningful Father’s Day

29th Mar 2021

Proverbs 17:6 states, “…and the glory of children are their fathers.” It is a father’s job to be glorious and loving to their children. It is a father’s job to instruct their children and to guide them in righteousness. It is a child’s job to honor their father. Our fathers supported us. They have cared for us. They have taught us. Above all, they have loved us. As Father’s Day rapidly approaches, many are seeking out ideas that will allow them to celebrate their fathers in a loving and meaningful manner. Father’s Day allows us to display our affection, our appreciation, and our love for the most important male figure in our lives. In this brief guide, we will share a few simple strategies for creating a meaningful and monumental Father’s Day.

Remembrance Jewelry

We have shared many days, hours, minutes, and seconds with our dad. From the time that we were born until this day, we have engaged in numerous activities with our dads and have created a multitude of memories. These may include a special outing to an attraction, a family vacation, a fishing trip, a camping adventure, a fun sightseeing journey, learning how to change a tire, learning how to use that back-yard grill, or catching your first fish. In most instances, many of the memories that we have shared with our dad are documented by photos. Why not bring that memory back to life this Father’s Day? One of the most exciting ways is to give the gift of remembrance jewelry that includes a picture of a special memory. You could have the picture etched onto a pendant that your father may wear around his neck and share with the world. Share a memory today and keep it alive for many tomorrows!

Thumbies Fingerprint Jewelry

Your dad’s DNA is weaved intricately all throughout you. Your hair color, your facial features, your body type, and even your build were all a part of the DNA that your father passed on to you. Why not share a part of yourself that no one else within the world is capable of sharing – your fingerprint! Now, you may have your unique and beautiful fingerprint placed on a pendant. Thumbies fingerprint jewelry will allow your dad to carry around the part of you that is unique to all others in the world on a daily basis!

Time and Gratitude

Last – but, certainly not least – you should share your time and your gratitude with your dad this Father’s Day. You should always take the time to verbally express the love and appreciation that you have for your father. As kids, as teenagers, and as young adults, we may not value the importance of sharing our time with our parents or verbally expressing our gratitude; however, it is a task that we must do. Father’s Day and all other days of the year are the perfect opportunity to engage in these activities. For more information on Father’s Day gifts and ideas that you may use to show someone just how special they are to you, visit our blog today at: