​Seasonal Changes Often Result in Grief Related to Lost Loved Ones

29th Mar 2021

When a loved one passes away, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and even seasons inevitably result in the memories of those loved ones coming to the surface. Naturally, this could lead to experiencing the grief of the loss all over again. 

That dark, sad, and immensely painful void of loss makes itself known – yet again. If the passing of your loved one was recent, you may find yourself feeling numb to the festivities and activities associated with the time of the year – especially seasonal changes. 

Fall, for example, is a season full of fun-filled activities and events that you and your loved one likely celebrated together or that your loved one thoroughly enjoyed – cooler weather, football games, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. In this short guide, we will share some techniques that will allow you to successfully cope with the grief that you may experience as it pertains to seasonal changes and the loss of a loved one.

  1. If you experience grief as Fall arrives, you are likely to experience it at a high intensity. It is common to feel sadness, anger, panic, despair, regrets, fear, loneliness, and even depression. The first way to cope is to know, understand, and accept that what you are feeling is normal. Grief works in weird and unusual ways. Do not consider this a setback to the recovery process after losing a loved one.
  2. If your loved one enjoyed certain activities or festivities, do not feel guilty for participating. In fact, it is considered to be a productive and beneficial move for you to continue living your life as you have always lived it – even though your loved one is no longer with you. Remember, if that person was still alive and had an active role in your life, they would want you to move forward – even though they are no longer here.
  3. Keep the memories of your loved one alive. There are many unique ways to do this. First and foremost, you should keep pictures and other types of memorabilia visibly present and around you. Your loved one is not truly gone; they are still with you in spirit. Pull out those pictures, pull out those photo albums, you can even have keepsake picture jewelry made that includes an image of your loved one! These activities will help you “connect” to a loved one that has passed, even though they are no longer alive.

There are many creative ways to cope with the loss of a loved one. In this brief guide, you have been introduced to three methods. 

Remember, your loved one would not want you to experience hardship simply because of a seasonal change. In fact, they would want you to live and embrace the changes associated with the season. That is what they would do if they were alive, right? 

You should do the same! It does not matter if you host a football party in their name, go to a festivity that they enjoyed, or purchase keepsake jewelry with their picture on it, you should embrace the changes that you have experienced in your life as well as the seasonal changes taking place!