Memorial Jewelry Keeps Your Loved One Close To You

29th Mar 2021

The loss of a loved one can feel like the end of your own world. While you have to say goodbye to them in the physical realm, it is hard to let go. While the burial of a loved one is one solution, cremation is another. Through the cremation process, you’ll receive the ashes of your loved one. These are placed in an urn and they can be stored in a vault at the cemetery, or you can keep them on a shelf in the home.

But what do you do when your family has multiple people who wants to take the ashes of a loved one home? The answer is memorial jewelry. These memorial gifts are designed to allow you to place some of the ashes of your loved one into a keepsake piece of memorial jewelry. Everyone can then take a piece of a beloved family member of friend and keep them close to them at all times. They can be pendant necklaces that hold the remains close to the heart, or around the wrist so they remain on your mind at all times.

This can be as simple as a cross or other design that the ashes of your loved one are placed in. Another option is having the image of a loved one engraved onto a keepsake medallion with an ash container in back. That way, you’ll always have something to look back on and know that there is a part of them there with you.

When you select these pieces of memorial jewelry, think about the person that will be wearing them. A gold heart for example might be great for a female who would like to carry the ashes of her mother around her neck. While a gentleman may prefer a rectangular shape so they can wear it comfortably in front of others. While there is pride in wearing the ashes of a loved one, it is important to consider the person and what they too will be comfortable with. It’s generally a good idea to have everyone sit down together and discuss the options so you understand comfort levels.

Different pieces of memorial jewelry will come in different metallic tones. Gold, silver, and platinum are all options to consider. When you give these memorial gifts, determine if the individual has any allergies to metal of any kind. If they do, find hypoallergenic solutions that will continue to allow them to wear their pieces around the clock, without having any kind of trouble along the way.

Remember, to be respectful before you do this also. Not everyone will want to carry the ashes of their loved one around their neck or wrist, but would still love a keepsake. You can also make many of the same design styles without an attachment for ashes. That way, they can still have a memento, and not have to fret about handling remains. Since they’ve already dealt with a loss, you don’t want them to endure much more.