​Give the Gift of Keepsake Jewelry Charms This Father’s Day

29th Mar 2021

If you are in search of the perfect gift for Father’s Day, you should consider keepsake jewelry. Father’s Day is a special day designed to honor the commitment and love that dads everywhere have given to their families. 

We take the time, each year, to express our gratitude, love, and appreciation towards our father for his unending love and support. While celebrated on different days throughout the year in different countries, the occasion is just as important in one region as another. If you are in search of a gift that will truly touch the heart of the special man that you are celebrating, you should consider giving the gift of keepsake jewelry.

There are many different types of keepsake jewelry that may be given to a dad this Father’s Day. One of the most sentimental of pieces is the one that includes a fingerprint, a handprint, or a footprint of their child. 

By combining the elements of technologically advanced scanning technology with special wax casting techniques, a print belonging to a loved one is artistically fashioned onto the keepsake jewelry pieces to create a highly intricate, beautiful piece of artwork that is sure to warm the heart of any dad. 

The keepsake jewelry that integrates the print of a loved one may be purchased in white gold, 14K gold, and sterling silver.

When shopping for keepsake print jewelry for that special man in your life this Father’s Day, you will find that there are two basic sizes – in terms of charms – that you may acquire. If you are in search of a small-sized charm, you would opt for the one that is identified as the “standard”. These are about the same size as a dime. 

If you are in search of a larger sized charm, you would want to opt for the ones identified as the “grand-sized”. These are about the same size as a quarter. In addition to having variety when it comes to sizes, you may also elect to have a birthstone or a diamond included on the charm. 

Additionally, you have the option of purchasing a chain. This will make it easy for that special man in your life to display his newly-acquired keepsake jewelry gift.

If you elect to give the gift of a keepsake jewelry charm this Father’s Day, you will just need to choose the jewelry piece that you find most attractive for that special man in your life and order it. Then, you will receive a Print Ink Kit in the mail. You will then follow the instructions within the kit in order to obtain the prints that you want to be included on the piece. 

If the print that you are obtaining is coming from a child less than 3 years old, you should obtain the hand print or the foot print. If the child is over 3 years old, they have mature fingerprints and you may obtain a fingerprint. 

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