​Cope with Your Terminal Diagnosis by Creating and Giving Keepsake Gifts to Your Loved Ones

29th Mar 2021

Receiving a terminal diagnosis is a shocking experience for most – even when an illness is significant and the likelihood of receiving such news is high. If you are reading this, chances are, you have recently received a terminal diagnosis. If you have an interest in creating and giving keepsake gifts to the loved ones that you will soon leave behind, you have probably already moved past the stages of shock, disbelief, seemingly never-ending emotional outbursts, anger, denial, and fear. 

If you are considering those that you will leave behind, you are likely at the acceptance stage; however, we feel it is important to let you know that we understand what you have or may still be experiencing. The hardships that you have suffered as a result of your illness, the sleepless nights, the weight loss, and all of the other detrimental situations you have experienced were immensely difficult; however, we are sure that nothing compares to looking into the eyes of the loved ones that are deeply saddened by your terminal diagnosis. 

The good news is, there are many positive and productive ways to cope with your terminal diagnosis. In this guide, we will discuss creating and giving keepsake gifts to your loved ones.

Consider Your Losses

It is quite likely that – at some point in your life – you have lost someone that you loved deeply. It could have been a grandparent, one of your own parents, a sibling, another relative, or a very close and personal friend – it could have been absolutely anyone. Did this person leave behind something for you to remember them by? Perhaps, a special picture, a unique recipe, or even a prized heirloom? 

It is our guess that you can think of something. Now, consider just how important that is to you. Whether we know it or not or mean it or not, we all leave behind distinct pieces of who we are when we pass on. These pieces are what our loved ones will use to remember us and feel as if they are still close to us – even when we seem so far away. 

These pieces are often referred to as “mementos” for “memories” and they are our legacy once we have passed from this physical plane to the spiritual plane.

Creating Your Legacy

You have received a terminal diagnosis. Yes, it is nearing the end. Yes, it is a difficult experience. However, you should cope with the news by creating your legacy. That is, to transform your thoughts and love for life and those in it to actions that may be cherished by those you leave behind for the duration of their lifetime. 

It is about taking the time to create something for those that you care about and love – on purpose – before your passing. Remember, when creating your legacy, it is not a process that is about dying and your death. It is about your life and the living. 

It is about making connections and sharing absolutely precious moments and memories with those that mean so much to you. It is about creating and giving keepsake gifts that will warm the hearts of those that you leave behind. It is about leaving a piece of yourself to others. 

There are a multitude of keepsake gifts that you may create and give. These include picture jewelry pieces, thumbprint necklaces, fingerprint charms, tear bottles, and other items that are similar in nature. To start creating your legacy today and turning your terminal diagnosis into something positive and productive, visit us today at: