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For Mother

Our mothers have given us the gift of life. They welcomed us into the world. They love us like no other. I invite you to show your gratitude not only on Mother's Day, but every day.

Tear Catcher offer gifts to celebrate love in heartfelt ways that will last a lifetime. Consider giving your mom a unique Tear Bottle, to let her know how much you appreciate all the times she's cried and worried about you throughout the years. Remember the tears she wiped from your cheeks and the big hug she gave you as she encouraged you to carry on.

For new mothers, those with teenagers leaving for college, and those with sons or daughters going into the military, Thumbies jewelry is another way to allow her to cherish her children. A child's thumbprint is taken with ink, then used to digitally master a lost wax cast for a striking 24K thumbprint necklace.

Our mothers always want the best for us ... giving them a small token of appreciation is one way to touch their hearts.