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Be sure to check out our NEW!!! Customize Your Thumbie/Buddie page. After ADD TO CART, go to the Main Menu and Customize Your Thumbie/Buddie.

A "Buddie" is a pet related pendant with a paw or nose print.

A Buddies personalized print charm is such a unique and precious piece of keepsake jewelry, created from actual Nose Prints or Paw Prints. Combining the wonders of modern scanning technology with the ancient technique of lost wax casting, the prints are fashioned into artistic and intricately detailed memorial jewelry. 

Their love is boundless and unconditional. As part of our family, they belong by our side forever. With an original, artisan-crafted Buddies keepsake, you will never be apart.

Each piece is fully customized and the designs are always unique to each individual.  We even provide engraving as requested. Our jewelry is created with high quality gold and silver.

We've spoken to many of our customers who have purchased for family members of the deceased to comfort them. There are so many ways to keep your loved ones close to you always.